Cooperative Program Logo

A collected and focused mission.

The Cooperative Program logo is meant to be clear and refined. The logo mark contains a CP monogram enclosed within an open circle to represent a global initiative. It holds true to what the CP is already recognized as and establishes strong connection to the SBC Brand.

There are a variety of logo variations that are available to use as well as instructions on the best way to use them. Each logo file download includes files for print and digital use in various file formats.


The logo mark can be used as a standalone symbol to represent the Cooperative Program. Only use when it is clear that the application is Cooperative Program related. Rely on using the primary, solid, mark but the secondary, outlined version can be used when needed.

Downloads include a zipped file with individual logo files in RGB for digital use and CYMK and PMS for print use. Each logo is provided in AI, EPS, JPG, PNG, and PDF.

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The simplicity of the logo makes it extremely scalable. In order to protect its visibility, please be sure to not make it smaller than the minimum sizes shown below. The minimum size is based off of the logo mark not being smaller than 35 pixels in diameter.

2.05 inch

148 pixels

0.5 inch

35 pixels

1.35 inch

97 pixels

Clear Space

Clear space is the minimum amount of extra blank space you need to leave around the logo to ensure its visibility and readability in relation to other elements around it. The clear space should be equal to width of the C and the P in the mark when pulled directly from the mark at the size you’d like to display it.

Incorrect Usage

Maintaining the integrity and consistency of the SBC logo shows integrity and professionalism for the brand. It also builds recognition and memorability. Please avoid these incorrect uses of the logo.

Do not add effects like drop shadows or gradients to the logo.

Do not recolor any elements of the logo.

Do not skew, warp, stretch or change the proportions of the logo in any way.

Do not place the logo on a background that would reduce its legibility.

Do not resize the individual components of the logo, changing its proportions.

Do not have elements too close to the logo, jeopardizing the specified logo clear space.

Do not use the logotype by itself without the logo mark.

Do not recreate the logotype with a different font.

Do not use a logo format that doesn’t fit the application.

Usage Permissions

Logos can be used freely by any cooperating church/association/convention for their purposes. If you wish to use for commercial use or for something outside of cooperating church/association/convention purposes, please contact Andy Beachum via email ( to get permission.


Cooperative Program Color