Cooperative Program Messaging

Fulfilling the call.

The Cooperative Program allows churches everywhere to participate in a unified mission. Cooperative Program funds allow SBC entities to send missionaries, train pastors and ministry leaders, plant churches, and address ethical and religious liberty concerns related to our faith.

That means that the Cooperative Program is essential to how the SBC brings good news for the whole world.

Messaging Options

Select a “Good News” and “Whole World” initiative to see different combinations.

  • Good News
  • Proclaim
  • Love
  • Give
  • Whole World
  • Local
  • Global
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Good news for the whole world

The Cooperative Program is helping bring Good News to the Whole World.

Proclaim to the Whole World

Funding Missionaries and Training Pastors

Love the Whole World

Supporting Disaster Relief, ERLC

Good News for Your Community

Seminaries: Training Pastors Supporting State Conventions Church Planting (NAMB)

Proclaim Local

Training Pastors in Seminary

Love Local

Supporting State Conventions

Give Local

NAMB, ERLC, Seminaries

Good News Everywhere

Funding Global Missions Supporting ERLC

Proclaim Global

Training Pastors

Love Global

ERLC, Disaster Relief

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