SBC Life Color

Classic, radiant, and expressive.

The SBC Life brand color includes the primary SBC color palette and extended palette. The colors are meant to feel like a continuation of the SBC brand and the consistent color makes SBC Life feel strongly related to the main brand. Since the publication is a broad expression of the brand, the journal should be allowed the freedom to use colors from the expanded color palette.

Usage Examples

Color can have a powerful influence on how something feels. Here are some examples of how the colors can be used to achieve a certain tone.

  • SBC Focused
  • Optimistic
  • Serious
  • Playful
  • Sophisticated

To make something feel very SBC focused, rely heavily on the primary color palette. Use the SBC Blue and Navy as the primary colors and pulling in the Gold for secondary uses and the Bright Blue as a pop color. This will create strong cohesion with the SBC brand.

SBC Life Typography