SBC Life Typography

Refined and strong.

SBC Life uses similar typography as the SBC brand as a way to create visual consistency for the SBC brand family as a whole. It includes typefaces, Gibson, Freight Display, and Freight Text. There is an emphasis on the serif typefaces to feel classic, sophisticated, and unique. There are a lot of possibilities with how they can be used and combined.

Usage Examples

These are some examples of how the fonts can be paired together. There is versatility in how they can be used depending on the execution.

This combination feels impactful and elegant due to the prominent use of the Freight family. It should be used for for titling for primary articles.

Using Gibson more prominently adds a sense of approachability and can be used in more secondary content cases.

For special typographic treatments, such as pullout quotes, utilizing Freight Display Bold will feel impactful and important.

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