SBC Brand Messaging

The collective voice of cooperating to reach the nations.

Brand messaging is the underlying value proposition conveyed through language. It is what should inspire and motivate people to be a part of what the SBC is doing. That messaging includes a tagline, a mission statement, and vision statement.

Mission and Vision

Clear mission and vision statements define our goals and paint a vivid, memorable, and inspirational picture of the future towards which we are working. The following mission and vision statements are broken into two statements each—an Impact Statement (a one-sentence synthesis aligning with the slogan) and an Expanded Statement (a more robust mission and vision for internal and engaged audiences).

Mission: Defining Goals

Impact Statement

The SBC is a body of like-minded local churches cooperating together to reach the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Expanded Mission

The SBC is a body made up of local churches who are committed to the truth of God's Word and who cooperate together for the sake of reaching the whole world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The SBC supports ministry efforts around the world through the generosity of its affiliated churches.

Vision: Defining the Hope

Impact Statement

To empower local churches to work together to reach the whole world with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Expanded Vision

The SBC is a collective of local church communities committed to the truth of God’s Word, the sharing of the good news of the gospel, and following the example of love, generosity, and righteousness of Jesus Christ. The SBC supports the ministry of local churches and organizations around the world through programs, generosity, resources, and community.

Public Communications and Messaging Framework

Every message that the SBC would seek to emphasize could fit within one of five sub-categories living under the two main categories.

  1. Good News Initiatives: Proclaim, Love, Give
  2. Whole World Initiatives: Local, Global

Messaging Options

Select a "Good News" and "Whole World" initiative to see different combinations.

  • Good News
  • Proclaim
  • Love
  • Give
  • Whole World
  • Local
  • Global
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Good News for the Whole World

Brand Slogan. Comprehensive.

Proclaim to the Whole World

Evangelism efforts in the SBC, locally and globally.

Love the Whole World

Community, Creation Care, Acts of Love in the SBC, locally and globally.

Give to the Whole World

Service, Relief, Generosity in the SBC locally and globally.

Good News for Your Community

The gospel in and for local churches and their communities.

Proclaim Local

Local Evangelism and Gospel Proclamation (Local Church).

Love Local

Local Community, Creation Care, Mercy, and Kingdom Building (Local Church, NAMB, Disaster Relief.

Give Local

Local Generosity and Service Efforts (Annie Armstrong, Church Giving, Local Programs).

Good News Everywhere

Bringing the gospel to the ends of the earth (NAMB, IMB, church planting, churches).

Proclaim Global

Global Evangelism and Gospel Proclamation (Cooperative Program, IMB).

Love Global

Global Kingdom Building, Service, Love, and Creation Care (NAMB, Disaster Relief, Church Efforts).

Give Global

Global Missions and Ministry Giving. Supporting Love & Proclaiming efforts (Cooperative Program, Lottie Moon, NAMB, IMB, etc).

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